Who and what it will involve.

S.L.U.T.S. calls for volunteers - fellow victims of revenge porn who would like to share their stories. Volunteers can remain anonymous and simply have text input, or can choose to be public. 

Those comfortable in the public eye would be asked if the project coordinator and a photographer - who will be the same gender as the volunteer - can come to visit them in a place that they feel at home. Ideally the photos would take place in a bedroom, and the subject in question would be somewhere in the room - perhaps a place they’ve taken a photo before, or simply just wherever they’d like. They’d be asked to either look into a mirror, pretend to take a selfie, or look into the lens. The subject can wear as little or as much as they’d like, and can be posed however they prefer. The point is to see more than just the photo posted online - more than the body, or the face. It will show the surroundings, personality, interests, and life of the person in question. We victims are not just our body parts, not just these images. We’re real, strong, powerful people - with lives that have been affected by this crime. We have voices, and they can be used in combat.

There may also be opportunity for a video documentary to be made, should volunteers feel comfortable with the idea.

Where it will be posted.

This series will have its own website, It may also then be shared to places beyond, and with the right amount of luck, maybe it will overtake the original content circulating which kick-started it all in the first place. To be able to live in a world where instead of victims searching their names and finding saddening reminders of the past, they can see themselves in a new light, far more in control, and far happier.

What happens after?

Depending on how successful the project is, there is potential for it to reach outside of Scotland, and for victims in other communities to contribute their stories and photos to the cause. There may also be an option for donation to charities set up to help victims of revenge porn, sexual assault, and so on.

How can I volunteer?

Send a message over to with some details of why you’d like to be involved, as well as when you’d be available. All genders and ages are welcome to be part of the project.

Final words.

It goes without saying that if you do fall victim to revenge porn, it can be a traumatising experience. Don’t keep it to yourself. You can report it to the police, or speak to someone you feel comfortable with. You are not alone, and there is always support.

Lots of love x